Registering admin account

To take a full control over nexl server you have to login as administrator. First you have to register admin account.

When nexl server runs first time it creates a registration token for admin account. You can see it in the log file:
[INFO] | Use the following token [71cf9da4-8fe5-4af7-ba82-c01afb0976c5] to register [admin] account...
By default log file located in the following directory:
Another option is to look into the following file to retrieve the registration token:
To register admin account click on "Register/Reset" button.
Type admin in the "User name" field, paste your token and type your password.
After you finish a registration process you can login as administrator.

Please note the registration token expires in 24 hours. If you missed a registration you can delete a users.js file and restart nexl server. It will generate a new registration token for administrator.