nexl server hosts JavaScript files and exposes them via HTTP protocol. Let's consider how to make an HTTP request to retrieve a data from JavaScript files.

HTTP request to nexl server consists from:
  • HTTP protocol, server hostname and port ( for example http://localhost:8080 )
  • Relative path to the JavaScript file ( for example /settings/qa/info.js ). The path is relative to the ${HOME}/.nexl/storage directory.
  • nexl expression which specifies what exactly you need to resolve from the file ( for example ${data} ). nexl expression can be also embedded into the JavaScript file ( see nexl object section ).
  • Optional key=value arguments as query string to override existing ( or add new ) variables in the JavaScript file. It will be applied for the current HTTP request only. JavaScript file will remain unchanged ( see arguments section ).
For example to resolve a threadsCount JavaScript variable from the /settings/qa/info.js JavaScript file you have to make the following HTTP request:
nexl expression can do much more. More about nexl expressions in Expression language section.

nexl server accepts both GET and POST requests.
Also you can make an HTTPS requests. Supply an appropriate SSL certificates to nexl server ( [View] -> [Settings] -> [Binding & SSL] menu ).