Users and permissions

To manage nexl users first login as admin and open a Users dialog window from the View menu:

To create new nexl user add a new record and enter user name. Next click on "Password" button near the user name. It will generate a registration token for user name you entered.
Send this registration token to the user. After that user can register his account by clicking on "Register/Reset" button ( registration process is similar to admin registration process ).

This technique also can be used to reset a password for users by clicking on "Password" button and generating a token for password reset.

To grant admin permissions to the user, open Permissions dialog box from the View menu:

Add a new record and write down a user name which will be being granted admin permissions.

If you need to grant a specific permission to the user, use the "Assign Permissions" tab in the same dialog window:

There are two build in user names: guest and authenticated.

guest is an anonymous user which didn't pass authentication process. By default it has read and write permissions. It's recommended to reduce his permissions.

authenticated is any user which successfully passed authentication process ( i.e. any logged in user ).

Permissions are working in inheritable way. I.e. authenticated user inherits permissions from guest user, and any specific user inherits permissions from authenticated user.